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World History Honors HI

Research Resources


A copy of the assignment can be found here.

Evaluating sources worksheet


Print Resources

Catalog resource list

320.53 CER Totalitarianism - A discussion of totalitarianism that defines what it is and examines its history, principles, ideals, leaders, and political, economic, and social implications.

321.9 ARE  The origins of totalitarianism - Examines the rise of antisemitism in Central and Western European Jewish history in the 19th century, European colonial imperialism from 1884 to World War I, and the institutions and operations of totalitarian movements and governments.

921 HIT  The life and death of Adolf Hitler - Chronicles the life of Adolf Hitler and describes the consequences his quest for German dominance and his hatred of the Jews brought upon the entire world.

928 HIT  Mein Kampf - Tells the story of Hitler's life and his social and political philosophy.

940.5 MUS  Mussolini's empire : the rise and fall of the facist vision - Biography of Italian facist leader, Benito Mussolini, discussing his life, political career, and inner personality.

940.5 OXF  Oxford Companion to World War II

940.5 PAU Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini : totalitarianism in the twentieth century - Offers an interpretive comparison of the economics, propaganda, culture, education and healthcare systems of all three forms of European totalitarianism.

940.53 HIL The foreign policy of the Third Reich

940.53 HOW  World War II - Presents biographical profiles of thirty-one individuals who played significant roles in the Second World War, including Winston Churchill, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Hirohito, Benito Mussolini, Joseph Stalin, and Adolph Hitler; and also includes a time line and a glossary.

940.53 WOR World War II  - Presents fifteen excerpts from primary sources related to World War II, including speeches, diary entries, newspaper accounts, novels, poems, and memoirs. 

940.54 DUF  Hitler slept late and other blunders that cost him the war - Examines Hitler's military blunders proposing that they were responsible for Germany losing World War II.

943.086 KEE  Life in the Hitler Youth - Discusses life among the Hitler Youth, including their ideology and activities, school and home life, and involvement in World War II.

943.086 NEV  Life in the Third Reich - Examines the reasons behind the Nazi Party's rise to power, and the consequences of Nazi rule for the German people.

945.091 HAR  Benito Mussolini - A biography of the founder of fascism, who ruled Italy for almost twenty-one years, hoping to build a great empire but leaving it a shambles.

947.084 CAU  Joseph Stalin - A biography of the Soviet leader, focusing on his formative years in Soviet Georgia, his rise to the top of the Communist party, and his leadership during World War II.

947.084 TUC  Stalin as revolutionary, 1879-1929; a study in history and personality

947.084 TUC  Stalin in power : the revolution from above, 1928-1941 - Explains the motivations, personality, and actions of the man under whose rulership millions of Russians perished.

951.05092 GAY Mao Zedong's China - Discusses Mao Zedong's rise to power in 1949 following a brutal civil war in China, chronicles the subsequent transformation of China into a communist state, and looks at tumult caused by Zedong's Cultural Revolution.

951.9304 BEH Kim Jong Il's North Korea - Profiles the history of North Korea and its present dictator, Kim Jong Il, how he rose to power, and his politics and policies that have created a network of labor camps, death, and destruction throughout North Korea.

REF 920.02 HIS V.01  Historic world leaders –

REF 920.02 WOR  World leaders : people who shaped the world

REF 940 MAG V.01  Magill's history of Europe - Surveys, in chronological order, 288 events which shaped the Western world, from the promulgation of Hammurabi's code (c.1750 B.C.) to the negotiations surrounding the European economic union in 1992.

REF 940.53 FEL V.1  World War II : almanac - Examines seventeen topics related to World War II, including the Japanese attack on America, the home front, the Holocaust, and spies and scientists; and features sidebar boxes with facts about significant people and events, photographs, maps, a timeline, research and activity ideas, a list of resources, and an index.

REF 947.084 RAP  Joseph Stalin : a biographical companion

Electronic Resources

Basic information on Totalitarianism - http://www.history-ontheweb.co.uk/concepts/totalitarianism.htm

The Hannah Arendt Papers at the Library of Congress - https://memory.loc.gov/ammem/arendthtml/arendthome.html

Nazi and East German Propaganda Guide Page The German Propaganda Archive includes both propaganda itself and material produced for the guidance of propagandists. The goal is to help people understand the two great totalitarian systems of the twentieth century by giving them access to the primary material.  http://www.calvin.edu/academic/cas/gpa/

Hitler and Totalitarianism  http://www.historyplace.com/worldwar2/riseofhitler/index.htm

Stalin and Totalitarianism - http://www.besthistorysites.net/index.php/modern-history/stalin

The Age of Totalitarianism: Stalin and Hitler  http://www.historyguide.org/europe/lecture10.html

Italian Life Under Facism:  

The Chairman Smiles  - propaganda posters 

North Korea country profile

Kim Jung Il and North Korea: the Leader of the System 

How Kim Jung Il Became the most successful dictator in modern history