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Summer Work

English 9 Honors summer work

May 2, 2016


Dear Honors English 9 Student:


We are pleased that you have chosen to challenge yourself by taking the English 9 honors class. As a member of this class, you will need to complete a summer reading assignment which will help you in your studies throughout your freshman year and beyond, in addition to preparing you for the rigors associated with an honors course at LCHS.  The required reading is Edith Hamilton’s Mythology.


The book will be available at the Laguna Creek High School library from now until May 27th (7:30am-5:00pm) and from the LCHS front office from May 31st to June 28th (7:30am-4:00pm)  It is advisable to call ahead and confirm the Library and/or office hours before planning on checking out the book.  The Honors 9 teaching team highly recommends purchasing this novel in lieu of checking it out from the LCHS library (the book runs about $7 via Amazon new, and can be found used much cheaper).



Details on the summer reading assignment:


  • Read Mythology by Edith Hamilton
  • Take notes as you read, making sure the notes are legible, neat, thorough, and accessible.
    • Notes should be an original work of the student.  Shared, copied, or plagiarized notes will be treated as any other form of academic dishonesty (first offense results in a zero for the work in question, as well as entry in the student’s academic record). 
  • Students will have an open-note test on the material during the first full week of instruction (day TBA on the first day of classes).  Notes will be collected with the exam.


Summer work (the test and the notes) will be worth 5% of your overall grade for the 1st term of English 9 honors.


For questions or concerns, please email Ms. Gorchinski (CGorchin@egusd.net) or Ms. Lum (BNLum@egusd.net).   They will be available periodically over the summer.







Ms. Gorchinski                                    Ms. Lum

Honors English 10 Summer Work

Dear Honors English 10 student:


We are pleased that you have chosen to challenge yourself by taking the Honors English 10 class. As a member of this class, you will need to complete a summer reading assignment which will help you in your studies throughout your sophomore year and beyond. 


The book will be available at the Laguna Creek High School library until May 27th. Please tell the librarian you are checking the book out for Summer Reading assignment, as it will affect the due date. Summer reading books will not be checked out during summer school.  You may also choose to purchase a book new or used, or to check one out from your public library.


Incoming Honors English 10 Summer Work


            How to Read Literature Like a Professor: A Lively and Entertaining Guide to Reading

              Between the Lines Thomas C. Foster, [2003] 1st Edition*



*Please note that we will be working with the 1st edition of this book, published in 2003.  That is the edition available in the LCHS library, and that is the edition you should buy if you choose to buy your own copy. There are added chapters in the newer editions that you will not be tested on.


The assignment for the summer reading is as follows:


  • Read the above listed book.
    • It is highly suggested you write bulleted or Cornell style notes based on your reading that include all of the information about possible interpretation of symbols, intertextuality, and how to interpret various symbolic images. You will not be graded on these notes.
  • On the first day of school there will be an open note test on the book.  Make sure that if you take notes they are legible, neat, and accessible.  Again, notes are not required, but highly suggested.


Students who enroll on or after July 25, 2016 will have a make-up test on Friday September 9th.  This will be the only makeup test date.   


For serious questions or concerns, please email Mrs. Lopez at rolopez@egusd.net.




Honors English 10 Teachers at Laguna Creek High School



IB French Summer Work

Chers élèves,


Je vous souhaits un bon été, mais faites un effort pour rester en français !



Des idées pour pratiquer le français. . .


  • Watch French films with subtitles or try your favorites in French without subtitles.
  • Label the things in your house in French. Do one room at a time. Leave them up until you have learned the vocabulary. (Look at Madame’s visual dictionary or vocabulary.)
  • Download French songs and search the lyrics online. (paroles.fr) Learn a few songs in French!
  • Add TV5 to your cable selections and watch programs in French.
  • Check out these websites:


tv5.org                   Look at the column on the left and choose “apprendre le francais” 

Choose “7 jours sur la planète” each week there are three different 2-3 minute videos with questions that follow ranging from elementary to advanced.

They have many other resources for learning and having fun in French. Be sure to bookmark when you find a page you like. It is a very large size.





6play:  suivre une émission de télé amusante


livemocha.com    Create a free account and enjoy interactive practice.


lyricstraining.com./              Uses songs to practice French. Create a free account.





Les journaux et les magazines












theparisblog.com                 in English but occasionally some interesting cultural items









Madame F

IB Japanese Summer Work

Dear the incoming IB Japanese SL 1 and 2 students,


Thank you for taking consideration to advance to IB Japanese classes in year 2016-2017.

As a nature of language acquisition process, I believe it is very important for you to maintain the environment to emerge Japanese language during summer.


Here are some of my suggestions and recommendation to keep up Japanese and prepare for successful next school year. I also include the list of some web-sites address that I recommend.


1) Review what you have learned GINGA textbook and workbook. Some other study resources are available via www.kisetsu.org. You can access the most of Kanji jukugo, combination of Kanji vocab. words that are necessary for advanced readings, focus on increase Kanji recognition and Reading Strategies pages.


2) Study through MARUGOTO web site MARUGOTO/http://www.marugotoweb.jp and ERIN https://www.erin.ne.jp/

Both web-sites are created by Japan Foundation. It is very interactive and systematic. You can start any levels until you feel comfortable.


3) Keep writing dairy or journal in Japanese daily to increase your writing skills.  I will check your writing and give you some advice for correction periodically if you can send to me. My address is hhurtado@egusd.net.


4) READ, READ, READ. Choose any children books or anime book with a few Kanji and less complicated sentences in Japanese to gain confidence of reading.



5) The class will start with Nature and Environment. Check some of videos and expand your interest for Global Environment Issues through NHK eco http://www.nhk.or.jp/eco-channel/index.html.


6) Choose research topics from Core Topics in IB Japanese (see class syllabus) and expand your interest and knowledge to prepare Written Assessment.


Hiromi Hurtado