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CPR- Spanish

Resources for the Cultural Participation and Research project



The directions for the CPR assignment are here.



704.03 COC    Latino visions : contemporary Chicano, Puerto Rican, and Cuban American artists    

704.036 LAT    Latin American artists of the twentieth century    

759.4 SEL    Pablo Picasso    

759.972 COC    Diego Rivera    

759.972 GOL    The journey of Diego Rivera    

REF 709.8 LAT    Latin American art in the twentieth century    

759.972 HER  Frida Kahlo

REF 709.2 DES Salvador Dali

921 DAL    Salvador Dali

921 GOY    Francisco Goya

921 KAH    Frida Kahlo

921 ORO    José Clemente Orozco : Mexican artist


641.5946 CAS  Delicioso! : the regional cooking of Spain

641.5946 CHR Cooking the Spanish way : revised and expanded to include new low-fat and vegetarian dishes

641.59728 BEH  Cooking the Central American way : culturally authentic foods including low-fat and vegetarian recipes

641.5978 PAR  Cooking the South American way : revised and expanded to include new low-fat and vegetarian recipes

641.598 KAR  South American cooking : foods and feasts from the New World

641.5981 BEH  Cooking the Brazilian way : culturally authentic foods including low-fat and vegetarian recipes

Poets and Writers

 808.8 BAR  Barrio streets, carnival dreams : three generations of Latino artistry

810.8 COF    The Latin deli : prose and poetry

810.8 DAU    Daughters of the fifth sun : a collection of Latina fiction and poetry

811.086 AFT    After Aztlan : Latino poets of the nineties

811.086 COO    Cool salsa : bilingual poems on growing up Latino in the United States

811.086 PAP    Paper dance : 55 Latino poets

811.086 TOU    Touching the fire : fifteen poets of today's Latino renaissance

860 LAT    Latino voices

861 BLY    Neruda and Vallejo: selected poems

861 GAR    Selected verse     (Federico Garcia Lorca)

920 LAT    Octavio Paz

921 BOR Jorge Luis Borges

921 CER    Miguel de Cervantes         

Pablo Neruda

861 NER    Canto general

861 NER    Late and posthumous poems, 1968-1974

861 NER    Memoirs

861 NER    Selected odes of Pablo Neruda

861 NER    Selected poems

861 NER    Twenty love poems and a song of despair

REF 860 LAT V.1  Latin American writers


796.359 TUT    Juan Gonzalez

796.839 CHA   Julio César Chávez

920 LAT    Richard "Pancho" Gonzalez, tennis champion

921 CLE    Roberto Clemente

921 TRE    Lee Trevino

Other Biographies

920 LAT    Christina Aguilera

920 LAT    Contemporary American success stories : famous people of Hispanic heritage

920 LAT    George Santayana  (philosopher)

920 LAT    Hispanic American biography

920 LAT    Jeff Bezos     (Amazon.com)

920 LAT    Jennifer Lopez

920 LAT    Latino Americans

920 LAT    Rita Moreno     (actress)

920 NOV    The Hispanic 100 : a ranking of the Latino men and women who have most influenced American thought and culture

920.009 MEY    The biographical dictionary of Hispanic Americans

921 BAE    Joan Baez  (folk singer)

921 BLA    Rubén Blades     (entertainer)

921 BOL    Simón Bolívar, South American liberator

921 CHA    Cesar Chavez

921 CID    El Cid

921 CIS    Henry Cisneros     (public servant)

921 DOM    Plácido Domingo     (singer)

921 ESC    Jaime Escalante : sensational teacher

921 EST    Gloria Estefan

921 GUE    Che Guevara

921 IGL    Julio Iglesias

921 LEO    Juan Ponce de León     (explorer)

921 MAR    José Martí     (Cuban activist)

921 NUN    Tommy Nuñez, NBA referee : taking my best shot

921 QUI    Anthony Quinn     (actor)

921 RON    Linda Ronstadt

921 SER   Junípero Serra     (Spanish missionary)

921 VIL    Pancho Villa

973.046 SIN    Extraordinary Hispanic Americans

Travel Books

917.2 COE    Mexico City

917.204 COE    Mexico

917.28 BRA    Central and South America

917.286 SHE    Costa Rica : a natural destination

918.04 FOD    Fodor's South America

918.204 ARG    Argentina, Uruguay & Paraguay : a Lonely Planet travel survival kit.

918.304 CHI    Chile

918.704 VEN    Venezuela 


972 GOO    Mexico

972 MEX    Mexico-- in pictures

972.009 HOO Mexican portraits 

972.8 MOR    Central America 

972.81 DEC    Guatemala 

972.81 DEL    Guatemala

972.81 GUA    Guatemala in pictures   

972.83 MCG    Honduras 

972.84 FOL    El Salvador 

972.84 FOL    El Salvador 

972.85 HAV    Nicaragua in pictures 

972.85 KNO   Nicaragua

972.8605 MIL  Costa Rica 

972.87 ARM  Panama

980 MOR    Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia 

982 ARG    Argentina in pictures 

982 CAI    Argentina

982 CRO    Argentina

982 GOF    Argentina

983 CHI  Chile-- in pictures  

983 WIN Chile

984 BOL Bolivia-- in pictures  

984 GRI Bolivia  

984 PAT Bolivia  

984 SCH Bolivia  

985 COR    Peru

985 FAL    Peru

985 PER Peru in pictures   

986.1 DUB    Colombia

986.6 ECU    Ecuador in pictures   

  987 VEN Venezuela-- in pictures   

987 WIN Venezuela

982.2 JER Paraguay

989.2 PAR    Paraguay, a country study

989.5 JER    Uruguay

989.5 URU    Uruguay in pictures   


REF 980 ENC V.1 Encyclopedia of Latin American history and culture    

973.046 DAV    Mexican voices/American dreams : an oral history of Mexican immigration to the United States    

973 LEC    From sea to shining sea : from the War of 1812 to the Mexican War, the saga of America's expansion   

327.730 LIN    Panama and the United States : divided by the Canal    

972.87 BUI  Building the Panama Canal    

972.08 EIS    Intervention! : the United States and the Mexican Revolution, 1913-1917    

929.9 ALE      Flags

929.9 DEV    Flags : the illustrated identifier to flags of the world    

929.9 ZNA Flags through the ages : a guide to the world of flags, banners, standards and ensigns      

327.73 COA    Central America and the United States : the clients and the colossus    


Additional Resources - Festivals/Travel Guides

918.704 VEN   Venezuela  Topical guide to Venezuela with fullcolor maps and a travel information guide

918.304 CHI  Chile    Provides information about the history of Chile, with essays on the people, politics, cuisine, and arts of the country; contains maps and descriptions of places to visit; and includes detailed listings on travel, lodging, restaurants, attractions, festivals, shopping, and sports.

914.6 SPA  Spain   Includes insightful essays on arts and history, detailed accounts of Spain's major cities and regions, maps, and practical travel information.

918.04 FOD  Fodor's South America   Presents a guide to traveling in South America, describing the attractions of each country, featuring rated reviews of restaurants and hotels, and including maps, travel tips, and descriptions of various adventure and learning vacations.

972 MEX Mexico : Baedeker's

914.6 SPA Spain: Baedeker's

917.204 FOD  Fodor's Mexico    A travel guide to Mexico, providing information about the country's culture and attractions of various cities and regions, with advice on lodging, nightlife, festivals, events, the arts, shopping, and dining. Includes maps and photographs.

914.6 MAD  Madrid:  Baedeker's

914.604 FOD  Fodor's 07 Spain    Presents a guide to traveling in Spain, providing information on transportation, tourist attractions, hotels, and restaurants; and including maps and travel tips.

917.204 FOD Fodor's Mexico, 06  A travel guide to Mexico, providing information about the attractions of various cities and regions, with advice on lodging, nightlife and the arts, shopping, and dining. Includes maps and photographs.